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Gaining Steam~

There seem to be too many important project and not nearly enough hours in the day. Forunately I have been blessed with an influx of new passionate volunteers who are intereste in moving our state forward and making positive change happen sooner than later!

Efforts come in waves as we all work to help our communities and families as much as we can. DD-MT has been working on a number of housekeeping items like adding a website and this blog. As well as continuing to train elementary education student and Early Child Development groups on ,

" What is Dyslexia?" We are also working to bring screening into Pedatricians offices to get a jump on indentifying learning differences. Smith Works is working over in Helena to build awareness with our elected officials. Kelly and Leslie over in Billings are tutoring and starting to educate at the university level. Lots more is in the works, more than I can list here or even keep track of day to day.

Thanks to all who make Montana a better place for kids who are dyslexic to reach their FULL potiental.

Keep up the excellent work! Go into the world and make something more beautiful...everyday!

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