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Decoding Dyslexia Montana 

is all about getting your child reading at grade level or above~



Decoding Dyslexia Montana is a a grassroots movement driven by Montana families who are concerned with the literacy crisis we are facing in Montana and across the United States. We have been working for our kids for nearly two decades.


The root cause of the literacy crisis is lack of teacher training in universities and schools across the country. Until teachers are trained in the science of reading, there will be no meaningful progress, students will not reach their potential and will needlessly suffer as struggling readers.


We are working across the state to train veteran teachers by providing free training through our partner BOON.


We have worked with the state university system since 2012 to adjust their curriculum to ensure elementary education students, in the process of earning their degree, are trained in structured literacy and other proven methods BEFORE they graduate. 


Our Goal-


ALL elementary teachers to understand and master, the Science of Reading and be able to teach all kids to read using proven structured literacy, Orton-Gillingham methods. 



It is important teachers are made aware of learning differences but it is even more important to raising the literacy levels in the state, that they are able to teach reading effectively to all students in Montana. Trained teacher will elevate all student learning, save precious instruction time, and lessen their own frustration. 


1 in 6 people in Montana make their living in the arts. 1 in 5  are entrepreneurs. That is why our numbers of creative thinkers is higher than the national average of 20%. Closer to 1 in 4 Montana students are dyslexic processors.


On July 1, 2019 Our first literacy/Dyslexia law SB-140, took effect!  This law is focused on early ( kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade) identification and intervention to address dyslexia and literacy immediately.


Over the last 18 years, lots of tears have been shed, as well as mind blowing breakthroughs made. Countless meetings with teachers, students, administrators, and hundreds of interviews with elementary education teacher candidates have revealed the massive gaps in understanding literacy and dyslexia. There is a dire need for training across the board. Through a collective and conscious effort, we are gaining traction one dedicated administrator and teacher at a time.

Disturbingly, most teachers with a degree in Elementary Education, Special Education, and even a masters or doctorate in reading, do NOT understand the mechanics of language and how to teach reading. They are not trained in structured literacy so their methods are outdated and ineffective.


They still believe the myth that Dyslexia is seeing and writing backwards and falsely believe kids who are wired with dyslexia can't read and will always struggle.   Most do not understand the complexity of language at a foundational level and believe kids "get" reading thorough osmosis and exposure.


Sadly, so many teachers believe the myth that kids who are wired with nonlinear dyslexic brains are broken and these students can’t learn to read so they don’t put a lot of effort into teaching them. 


 The problem is the system NOT the student!

The system produces educators, who by no fault of their own, are not equipped to teach structured literacy or understand the science of reading methods. Our teachers are ill-equipped to teach reading resulting in a national reading crisis. 


Disturbingly, only 35% of the United States graduating seniors are proficient at reading. That means about 2/3 of students are not able to read proficiently. 



GREAT NEWS!!!To address the knowledge gap we have partnered with BOON Philanthropy, a leader in providing teacher training in literacy, to address the literacy crisis. We have also joined forces with Made By Dyslexia and to provide online dyslexia training for all Montana schools in 2024-2025. Our goal is to be the trailblazer and be the first state to have every school in Montana go through the training.


We have to set up 29 pilot projects with Boon, across the state, to jumpstart literacy for all kids and try to reach 50% literacy in Montana schools.

All teachers K-1st are going through extensive training in structured literacy methods.  They will master the science of reading  and are supported by their administrators to implement their new skills. New curriculums will be added as necessary and old curriculums updates when possible.  WE are encouraged and excited to see the transformation in literacy across the state of Montana. 


We applaud the unified effort DD-NJ has taken to propel this movement forward.  Decoding Dyslexia- NJ, established in 2011, has had a powerful impact in all 50 states (including MONTANA and internationally to Canada.  


Decoding Dyslexia-MT,  is an extension of the New Jersey leaders efforts and intend on helping the people of our state by advocating for Montana to implement:


1. Education and training of elementary educators (teachers, professors, administrators, coaches, and counselors) in the science of reading.


2. Educating and asking members of our Montana legislator to create laws that support and protect our children and increase literacy for all Montana students.


3. Educate and train Pediatricians to screen for learning differences at well checks.


4. Educate and train Early Childhood Teachers to screen children and learn to recognize Dyslexia by 5.5 yrs old and start intervention no later than the middle of kindergarten. 


5.  A universal definition and understanding of Dyslexia in the state education code


6. Mandatory teacher training on dyslexia, it's signs and appropriate intervention approaches that are proven and effective.


7.  Mandatory Kindergarten screening for all students.


8.  Mandatory Evidence-based dyslexia reading approaches in the science of reading be  implemented with fidelity, which can be accessed by all. 


9. Access to appropriate "assistive technologies" and accommodations


10. 504 and/ or IEP's throughout public school and higher education

Our Motivation



We are motivated by the desires of our children to reach their true potential as confident people, who understand their value and are able to share their abilities.

Our Mission


To equip parents and children with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently navigate their education journey and reach their potential in school and LIFE. 

And to train educators in the SCIENCE OF READING.

We accentuate the strengths and abilities of Dyslexics.


We design optimal learning environments inside and outside traditional settings.


We evaluate the team and support parents in learning to build their child's personal toolbox of resources which aids them in demonstrating their intelligence and plethora of abilities.

          Help Montana's kids learn on a level learning field!
                               Be a part of our community
Join DDMT Today:)

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