Decoding Dyslexia Montana is a a grassroots movement driven by MT families concerned with the limited access to educational interventions for dyslexics within our public schools.  We aim to raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support their children and inform policy-makers on best practices to identify, remediate and support dyslexic students in Montana public schools.


 We are working hard to train and require curriculum change for Elementary Education Candidates at the University level. Our goal is for new teachers to understand dyslexia, be able to identify dyslexia and advocate to remediate those 20% of students who are dyslexia before they ever have their own classroom of students. We would be honored to have you JOIN US!


We all share a similar story. We are working together so families in the future have significantly less pain, frustration and agony when attending public schools here in Montana. We serve as guideposts who can help light the way.

I came to this work through the trenches, years ago when I discovered my oldest son's dyslexic mind and could not get him the help he needed in the public school system.  Because had tested gifted and dyslexic his intelligence was figuring out the tests and he was able to performing at grade level and above in some areas. The teachers and administration were slow to come around to his disability in spite of his formal diagnosis from Children's Hospital in Denver of profound dyslexia and dysgraphia as well as being in the gifted range.  


He remains my inspiration to this day!.  Now, joined by his younger brother who also shares this brain design yet not as profound but with the addition of attention issues.  I watch in awe and guide as they work at least 3 times as hard as students who are not dyslexic.  I marvel as they develop GRIT,  INTEGRITY and CONFIDENCE in beign their own person.  Every year they learn how to stand up for themselves and BE someone of great value.  


It has taken me over a decade to make sure my own children thrive in and out of school because of the lack of accurate information and untrained educators here in our state.  I know from experience teachers are doing their best and are hungry for training. That is why I am working so hard to change the education they receive before they are allowed to graduate and teach.


  Over the last 11 years, lots of tears have been shead, meetings with teachers, students, administrators and many, many of interviews with Elementary Education students, I now understand that teachers are not taught about dyslexia while studing at the university.  Shocking and disturbingly, most graduate with a degree in education believing the myth that Dyslexia is seeing and writing backwards.  They do not understand the complexity of Dyslexia because they have never been taught about dyslexia.
  This creates a false sense of doing what is " right" for the teachers and pure torture for the students!  When the people in power don't know better they can't do better.  This is were DD-MT volunteers can and do make a big life long, difference through their acts of advocacy, building teams with the teachers and creating community awareness.



If not now, when?  If not you, who?  I encourage you to join us in doing what you can to debunk the myths out there surrounding dyslexia.  Anything you do helps build towards a state that understands Dyslexia one person at a time and eventually will lead to legislation that will assist our children!


NOW IS THE TIME for us to help kids by helping teachers and administrators as well as legislators understand Dyslexia and learning differences as a whole.



History and Focus of Effort

We applaud the unified effort DD-NJ has taken to propell this movement forward.  In a very short period of time, Decoding Dyslexia- NJ, established in 2011, has had a great impact on their state and beyond to all 50 states ( including MONTANA:) in the US and Canada.  

 This grassroots organization that started with only the same frustration and pain we have all experienced has taken off and are making positive changes for us all.  We, DD-MT, are an extention of their efforts and intend on helping the people of our state by advocating for Montana to implement:


1. Educating and training the educators ( teachers, professors, administrators, councelors)

2. Educating and asking members of our Montana legislator to create laws that support and protect our children

3. Educate and train Pediatricians to screen for learning differences that are not cognitive based only.

4. Educate and train Early Childhood Teachers to screen children and learn to recognize Dyslexia by 5.5 yrs old

5. A universal definition and understanding of Dyslexia in the state education code

6. Mandatory teacher training on dyslexia, its signs and appropriate intervention stragegies

7. Mandatory early screening tests

8.  Mandatory Evidence-based dyslexia remediation programs implemented with fidelity, which can be accessed by both GENERAL and special education populations

9. Access to appropriate " assistive technologies" in the public school setting

10. 504 and/ or IEP documentation for throughout public school and higher education

Welcome to Decoding Dyslexia Montana

Help Montana's kids have a level playing/ learning field!!!!

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WE are driven by the desires of our children to learn without being shamed.

 To Advocate, Educate and Legislate! We ecentuate the strengths of Dyslexics and build their toolbox so they can reach their FULL potiential.

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