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        Montana has instituted our 1st Dyslexia Law

                     SB-140 Sponsored by Senator Cary Smith was signed into

                                                 Law  May 1, 2019. 


                        The LAW goes into effect July 1, 2019


               Please study our new law and share this valuable information

                           with your schools and community! 








Our continued advocacy is critical to the success of this new law.


 Please take the time to: write, call or better yet-go visit with your local legislators, to thank them for supporting SB-140 and for their continued commitment to improving literacy for all in Montana!


It is critical that you continue to further your relationship with your local legislator. Having a law in place is not a magic wand. The next step is to train teachers in the science of reading both whose who are already in the classroom teaching and those still working to obtain their teaching degree.


It will take time and energy to implement the law in a way that will benefit students and families. Only through your individual efforts will true change happen! Keep the heat on. 

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