Could it be Dyslexia?




There are very simple and consistant indicators that your child may be dyslexic. 


*Dyslexia is highly heritable.  If a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent is identified as dyslexic, is super creative, a slow reader, entrepreneurial, bright but struggled in school, the chances are increased signficantly that your child could also be dyslexic.


* If you notice a sudden change in child's joyful, eager spirit to one of anxiety, sadness, withdrawn, stomach aches and headaches~

If your child was happy, carefree and engaged before they started their formal education at school and then, soon after they started attending school, became a shadow of who they once were- your bright, sensetive child may be dyslexic. HELP THEM! ADVOCATE! 


Some Common Dyslexic Indicators :

(Your child may have some but not all of these because dyslexics are not carbon copies of each other.)


* Artistic/Athletic

* Poor speller

* Outstanding, creative problem solving ability

*  Holistic- Big Picture thinker

* Empathetic

* Learns their ABS's and/ or math facts one day and then forgets them over and over again.

* Has trouble learning to tie his or her shoes

* Mixes up words or pronunciation of words.

* Has difficulty in retrieving the correct word    when re-telling a story

* Has trouble mastering math facts

* Has difficulty with any rote memorization

* awesome problem solving skills

* Is hurt deeply by sarcasim because they don't understand it


*Dyslexic kids think globally, holistically and literally.


Let's support people who think globally  by identifying their strengths and providing ways to access their intelligence.


Despite all the hoopla and comforting words out there about Dyslexia being a gift, it does come with challenges as well.


One must of learn how to operate in a world where 80% of the people experience the world differently than the dyslexic does.


 It takes time, GRIT, loving support and well trained teachers to understand strategies and strengths that help the dyslexic navigate through systems and life.

It is our job as parents, advocates and educators to help each student find their voice and confidence so they can shine in school and later in LIFE!


We NEED these innovators so let's not waste another moment! ADVOCATE for them!

Learning differently, because of neurodiversity, has NOTHING to do with intelligence. Dyslexia is in no way related to intelligence.  In fact, most dyslexics are above average in intelligence and that  is part of the reason their learning difference goes undetected for years.

State Resources~
Tutors and Trainers

Montana has multiple 

professionals who are experts in Dyslexia.


These professionals have years of experience, are experts in teaching or tutoring using Orton- Gillingham, the  scientifically proven, best practices methods of instruction for dyslexics.


If you have questions or would like to speak a dyslexia specialist please feel free to contact me:

Kelly Fedge DuBose

Decoding Dyslexia Montana

Founding Leader CCO



I am happy to refer you to the best resources in your area and help you navigate the best next step on your journey.


DyslexiaTutors in Montana




TerraBeth Jochems- Billings area Regional Leader DDMT


Angela Randak

406-652-3769 or 406-670-2825
*Angela can also do Remote Barton tutoring via the internet

Dyslexia Screening and Tutoring Services


Kelly Haggerty-Owner/Director 

*Kelly can also do Remote Barton tutoring via the internet

Laura Zimmerman


Lesli Fenner, 406-670-6814
Linda Champlin, 618-830-3100
Shelley Robbins, 406-698-3971

Sue Robertson, 406-259-6078




Kelly Fedge DuBose-


Decoding Dyslexia Montana 

Founding Leader/ CCO

OG-Tutoring: Barton

Coaching/Advocacy IEP /504


Mindfulness Coach/ Trainer


Dyslexia Simulation Facilitator:

Dyslexia for a Day workshop, Fat City and Path to Proficiency


Sara Bernall

Screening,Tutoring, Advocacy

Gallatin Valley Learning Solutions



Marilyn Brown


Vivienne Herron



Great Falls

Kim LaRocque

Bright Futures Learning Center

(406) 788-7682

Janice Ruf




* It is with a heavy heart, I share with you Erikas passing February 24,2021. She was instrumental in saving lives of kids through her life work in giftedness and learning differences like dyslexia. we loved her with every fiber of our being. she will always be remembered and treasured as a blessing professionally and most importantly, personally as my true friend. *


Erika Burleigh-( Lakes area Regional Leader DD-MT) 

(406)-864-0017 or 406-274-2016 

 Certified at the Advanced Level for Barton,screening, tutor,advocacy


Jamie Bartuska M.Ed.


Mosaic Apple: Working with Dyslexia



Carolyn Winegant Goldammer

Tutor and Coach

Building Thriving Minds

OG Tutor



Elisabeth Laatsch


Intentional Learning Services

Learning Specialist:

Academic Evaluations including: dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia

Jaime Loehde


Barton tutor

Homeschooling experience and personal dyslexia experience.

Amber Watson Ramirez


Loranna Schwacofer,

Sparks Literacy Center 

406-251-1383 or 406-240-2678

Kate Ortega

OG Tutor

State Educator 



Lacey Kvam (406) 751-4520

Speech Patholigist at 

Kalispell Medical Center

* Lacey can test for dyslexia as

well as tutor in Barton, LIPS.

 Most  costs are covered by  insurance.

Red Lodge
Cathy Struck


Barbara Dornfeld


" Remote" tutors are available so all students can be helped even in the most rural areas of Montana!


*** If you are a provider or know of others, please call me (Kelly) at 406.579.8521 to share your information so I can add you to the list of resources. Thank you!

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL ASPECTS  of Dyslexia must be addressed early on!  
It is HARD to process information
differently and be perceieved as slow.
 It takes time and multiple people that see the strengths of a dyslexic mind, for the dyslexic young person to to appreciate and believe in their true abilities. 
*Be their champion
* Understand how hard it is everyday at school.
*Remember they are exhausted when they finally get home. Give them love and space.



that will help you understand DYSLEXIA so you can help your child!



Susan Barton is an expert in Dyslexia and ADD. 


 She has developed a user friendly OG program for parents and schools to help dyslexic children learn to read and spell.


You can call or email her for information.


 Phone: (408) 559-3652


Dyslexia Training Institute

Dr. Kellie Sandman- Hurley

Tracy Block-Zaretsky

are experts in literacy and dyslexia training. They provide online training in


the science of reading and



You can take online courses to learn about dyslexia

and advocate for your own child and others.



  Book Resources


 READ these 1st!


Dyslexia Advocate

by Dr. Kelli Sandman Hurley

Overcoming Dyslexia

by Dr Sally Shawitz

The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan

by Ben Foss




The video below, presented by Susan Barton, a well known and highly respected Dyslexia expert, is extremely insightful for parents trying to understand what dyslexia is and how to help their child.  Invest the time to learn so you can advocate more effectively.